Tuesday, December 2, 2014

We Met The Pirate, Again.

Due to the generosity of a few Ohio educators, I was able to see Dave Burgess speak twice in the past year.  Last December, Brian Seymour (@seymoureducate) from the Pickerington Local School District in central Ohio invited me to their PD day in which Dave was the Keynote speaker.  Today, Kent Polen (@KentPolen), superintendent at Beaver Local School District  invited me to eastern Ohio to participate in their PD day in which Dave was working with their staff all day long.  Kent told me to fit as many teachers as I could in my car for the road trip.

As if I needed any more examples to highlight the value on connecting via Twitter.  I cannot thank these educators enough for their thoughtfulness.

Four of my teachers and I woke-up at 4 AM and made the three hour drive across the state to see the legend.  For me, Dave did not disappoint.  For my teachers, he was unbelievable to see in person.  His book is fantastic but you do not understand his passion until you see him live.  Those were my thoughts a year ago in Pickerington.  

Watching Dave present to a gym full of educators was unreal to see.  When I was a teacher, I will admit, we were not always the most receptive group ever to assemble.  However, once again, he had the audience engaged.  When you watch him, you do not get the sense that he his lecturing you or telling you how to do your job.  Rather, he is pumping you up so that you want to do a better job.

Our three hour car trip back home was just as productive.  We talked about some of the things he said and how we could apply them to make our school a place kids look forward to attending.  If you ever get the chance to see him speak, jump at the opportunity.   

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