Friday, July 12, 2013

Inaugural #sstlap Chat 7/11

The Teach Like a PIRATE chats:  #tlap have been very popular on Twitter.  Several weeks ago I noticed some content specific chats were popping up.  There was #tlapmath for...well math and then #ELAtlap for english and language arts.  So last week I decided to create #sstlap for social studies at about the same time Misty White @mwhite_science decided to start up #SCItlap.

So if you are keeping track:


If you have followed this blog, or know anything about me, I am onboard with the philosophy of Dave Burgess @burgessdave and his book Teach Like a PIRATE.  What I was hoping to accomplish with #sstlap, was to create a forum where social studies teachers could gather and share specific ideas.  Dave talks about how teaching the Industrial Revolution is never his favorite thing in the world.  For me it was.  He or another teacher could take some of my ideas, and I am sure I will take someone else's.  At the end of the day, we are creating more engagement and a better learning experience for our students.

Last night (7/11) was the first #sstlap chat, and it was a great success.  If you missed it, here were the questions:

Q1:  What specific area of history/social studies are you passionate about?
Q2:  @burgessdave discusses the importance of the 1st 3 days in building rapport.  What's your plan for the 1st 3 days this fall?
Q3:  What specific "experiences" have you created?
Q4:  How do you display immersion in your classroom? (Getting in the pool vs. sitting in the lifeguard chair)
Q5:  What unique ways have you integrated technology into your class to make it more engaging?

The #sstlap chat will be every other Thursday at 9 PM EST.  I am planning on having a designated blog post that will have links to the different experiences teachers have created and shared.  If you have a great experience, send me the link via Twitter to @mclane_ryan.  

The next chat will be on 7/25.