Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Teach Like a PIRATE Day Eve

I will be honest with you.  I have never seen this many kids excited for a day of school in May that was NOT the last day of school.  Kids received their guidebooks this afternoon to plan which experiences they will attend tomorrow.  I overheard some kids say "Wait, I can only pick seven of these?!"

I spoke with reporters from two different newspapers who are coming with photographers tomorrow. I actually had a Mystery Skype class call in today by accident, so I had the opportunity to talk to them for a few minutes today.  I will not reveal them yet, but they are a sneaky bunch and had some flags hanging on the wall that will certainly throw my kids for a loop!  Well played.

The only other nervous moment was for our science teacher, Mr. Prince, who was waiting on some science supplies to be delivered.  We can all rest easy as they were delivered this afternoon.

Our school day starts tomorrow at 8:30 AM eastern time.  I will tweet out pictures and updates with #tlapexperiment.  I will update the blog and eventually upload some videos to Youtube.

Thanks to everyone who has followed along so far.  The kids think it is pretty cool that people from so many states and even countries have taken an interest.

Finally, a big thanks to Dave Burgess for writing the book and being so supportive of this experiment.  Looking forward to sharing the results.


  1. What a great way to get kids excited about learning- in MAY!!! Can you post the classes they had to choose from???

  2. Ryan,
    Kudos to you and your staff for having the guts to pull this together. This is a truly ground-breaking event and I can't wait to see the results. What a fantastic example of how to take an abstract idea and implement it in the real world for the benefit of students. The lessons...or should I say experiences... your teachers have come up with sound amazing! My only regret is that I won't be on hand to watch this in person...but I'll be following along closely from San Diego. Don't think for a second that I won't be there for the second one!

  3. Can we have a copy of the student's guidebook for the day?

  4. WOW! Exciting day indeed!! Love the concept and it will ne eye-opening for students AND faculty. Good luck.

  5. Yes, I'd love to see the guidebook as well.

  6. This previous blog post has most of the experiences. http://ryanpatrickmclane.blogspot.com/2013/05/teach-like-pirate-day-experiences.html

    If you send me a tweet @mclane_ryan I can get you an actual copy of what we gave students.

    1. Would you email the guidebook to lmcclendon@ncmcs.org